About Me.

I am looking to build on the knowledge of Python, PyTorch and Neural Networks built in my Research Internship at the University of Liverpool, while continuing to implement cutting edge algorithms and models. Due to my deep desire to always be learning and improving myself, I would preferably find a job in London, or possibly another big city, to work where other ambitious people are attracted. In my current part-time internship with Unilever in the Materials Innovation Factory, I am developing my ability to work in a team, communicate and plan how to run larger projects. Further developing these, along with my leadership skills, I spend my time as a committee member in two university societies. I also improved my ability to identify what value can be provided to our members as I help plan and run events with an external speaker and companies. I am an active person, playing lacrosse or going to the gym most days of the week. I spend my spare time working on side projects, that have the potential to be a full business in due course but will develop my coding ability in the short term. In descending proficiency order, I am familiar with the following coding languages and packages: Python, PyTorch, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C++, C and React.js.